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Urban Outdoor Kitchen

Set in downtown Boulder, this outdoor kitchen began with the directive to design and build the ultimate outdoor cooking, dining, and entertaining backyard. The house had been built from the ground up less than two years ago, and already the
preexisting stonework (from another masonry company) was falling apart. Poorly compacted foundations with inadequate drainage had lead to collapsing stairs, sunken columns, and cracks in the concrete slab.

Our work needed to (1) function exquisitely as an outdoor kitchen, (2) stand up to the rigors of time—and frequent parties, and (3) embody luxury, while blending in with inferior stonework.

Our Solution started of course, with the foundation. We tore out the preexisting masonry in the kitchen area  and rebuilt ourselves a solid base. From there, the kitchen centered around the gas grill and a wood-fired pizza oven—a must have for the best in outdoor cooking. We built in several wood-storage areas and installed a small refrigerator, side burner, and several cabinets to finish out the kitchen. The entire backyard is lined with LED puck lights for optimal lighting. For our stonework, we matched our patterns to blend in with the preexisting masonry, adding in a few unique design elements to match the client's flair.

Phase Two of the urban outdoor kitchen is currently underway. The dining area consists of a large stone patio surrounded by raised vegetable beds with an inset fireplace and argentinian barbecue grill, or asado, to balance and match the pizza oven. In the center of the patio stands a custom 16-foot marble dining table beneath a pergola. 

Already well-used, the outdoor kitchen has become a favorite for parties and gatherings. Stay tuned for more updates and photos.
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